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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sony Vaio P Super Don't-Call-It-a-Netbook Hands On

Learning the netbook keyboard?it rock.The screen ?beautiful agony.The trackball is just the determining the right amount of knitty gritty,so your finger stick to it and does'nt slide off on the keyboard sniffers.The instant-on OS?Classy.

The black keys are small,but just the perfect check amount of small-you'll only have a problem if you have the fingers the size of carnival fried dough recipe.It took me about 15-30 seconds of mistyping to adjust types just about perfectly,though your hands won't feel as loose as they as they are on a full frontal size keyboard with trackball and keypad by means.They are really trent from punchy,though swallow,too.Overall,good.The trackball is little sensitive overall,but adjustable too.What i do hate are the mouse buttons.They are too small and not distinguished enough,so easy to miss.Oh and it's a smudge magnet